The mission of Creature Conserve is to bring artists and scientists together to foster informed and sustained support for animal conservation.

Our strategy: We celebrate, study, and help protect all living creatures by reconnecting art with science.

A basic principle of ecology is that all life is connected. Every living creature competes for air, food, water, and shelter. As a species, humans are dominant. We control the resources, consuming and exploiting animals for companionship, clothing, food, sport, and spirituality. As a result, an alarming number of species are threatened. This worrisome trend has been well-documented by scientists. We learn about the dire state of many species through a variety of media, often on a daily basis. Yet the extinction rate for animals today is higher than ever in recorded history.

Scientists study the impact of climate change, global trade, habitat loss, and pollution on animal anatomy, behavior, evolution, health, nutrition, population dynamics, preventive medicine, and reproduction. They gather data, interpret it, and make recommendations. Science provides a road map for conservation. It also tells us that most animals present today—including humans—will not survive our massive presence on earth without our immediate intervention.

Our scientific understanding of what we need to do for saving species is only part of the solution. There is an equally important need to help more people understand how interdependent we are, and that our continued success depends on a diverse and healthy animal kingdom. We need to find new ways to ease conflict and restore damaged habitats. We can pay farmers for their losses or build fences, hire more rangers to stop poachers, invest in parks and reserves, and educate those who live in closest proximity how to live in balance with wildlife. In other words, we have to be willing to share the resources with other species.  

Vision, Plan, Goals (Articles of Incorporation, State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations June 30, 2015)

Our vision is that everyone participates in conservation, inspired by a community of artists and scientists who collaborate to save species..

Our plan is to provide the funding, expertise, and oversight needed to establish, sustain, and promote art/science collaboration. 

Our goals are to: 

- Give artists and designers interested in science the opportunity to research and respond to the problems facing animals today.

- Give scientists working in conservation the opportunity to explore the artistic, humanistic, and emotional side of their work.

- Inspire collaboration among artists, designers and scientists working with animals.

- Inspire conservation action by bringing artists and scientists together to save species. 

- Demonstrate conservation is something we can all do.

- Follow best practices for non-profit boards.