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In Rhode Island: Urban Wildlife

Creature Conserve and Sprout Coworking invite visual artists and writers to attend a workshop on how to make science more accessible and understandable, using urban ecology as the unifying theme. All skill levels. Advance registration is required ($30.) Oct 19 and Nov 9 for visual artists, for writers Dec 7, 2019. Click here for more information and to register.

In Oregon: Sketchbooking

Mt. Pisgah Arboretum and Creature Conserve invite artists to learn how to draw from nature in both technical and abstract ways, and explore different approaches to “sketchbooking.” All skill levels. Advance registration is required. Members $60, non-members $70. Sep 28 and 29. Click here for more information and to register.


Creature Conserve workshops are designed to give artists, designers and writers the opportunity to meet and collaborate with scientists who work in conservation. Participants practice using visual art, design or the written word to make science - botany, conservation biology, endangered species protection, evolutionary biology, landscape ecology, wildlife management, and zoology - accessible, meaningful, and relevant. Together, both artist/designer/writer and scientist find new ways to interpret, visualize, and communicate the science of saving species. The images below are from a 2018 workshop on Urban Wildlife Conflict in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.


Our workshops are typically hosted by an art gallery, library, museum, or school. We are very keen on expanding them and envision that they could be offered as part of any ongoing fee-based public outreach program looking for new content, such as an after hours school program, continuing education art or literature program, a summer camp activity, or after hours museum program.

Creature Conserve has developed an outline for these workshops that we are happy to share. We are also happy to take on the role of primary facilitator, in return for a modest honoraria for the non-profit if Lucy or one of our other Board members is facilitating, and to help identified artist instructors and scientific experts.

The workshop topic - saving species, the wildlife trade, urban wildlife, communicating and visualizing science, field sketchbooks - depends on the venue and audience. For example, when Lucy leads a workshop on the "Art and Science of Saving Species," she gives an overview of the six major "extinction drivers," and various examples of animals in trouble that either have, or could, benefit from visual art or literary intervention.


Potential audiences include educators, ranging from middle school teachers to college professors; curators at museums, nature centers, science centers; student, amateur, and professional artists and designers, writers, and scientist-artists. 


Workshops can be paid for by a grant or can be fee-based. We believe that the artists working as instructors and the scientists sharing their work should be compensated for their time and reimbursement for travel expenses, if any. The budget for our workshops (in the US) has been between $250-500 per artist instructor and $100-$200 for the scientists.


If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please email us at connect@creatureconserve.com

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