Wild animals today are facing mass extinction. Scientific understanding of what we need to do to save species is only part of the solution. We need art informed by science to help people understand how interdependent we are, and that our continued success as a species depends on a healthy and diverse animal kingdom.

We are building a community of artists and scientists collaborating to save species.


We develop programs and organize exhibits that encourage artists interested in conservation to get more involved and informed by collaborating with scientists who work in conservation. We want this work to result in art that is both informed by the facts and emotionally charged. We believe such art will engage the public more fully and more effectively. We further believe the need for these collaborations and the resultant art is more necessary than ever for the well-being of all species.


Artwork created through interaction between scientists and artists reaches its widest and most diverse audience online and in exhibits that include galleries and museums as well as schools, libraries, and gathering places such as coffee shops, bookstores, assisted living facilities, banks, hotel lobbies, office buildings, and other public venues. 


Our programs include EXHIBITS, ARTIST WORKSHOPS, and SCHOLARSHIPS for artists studying individually or in groups. For example, our exhibits include an online gallery of artwork by rising artists, our 2016 exhibit on the Wildlife Trade and Conservation and our 2018 exhibit on Urban Wildlife: Learning to Co+Exist. We have hosted workshops for visual artists as well as writers interested in collaborating with scientists to promote healthy interactions with urban wildlife - and have more workshops planned in 2019. We also provide scholarship funds for both visiting artist programs and artists-in-the field travel courses.

 Hands-off Tigers by Emily Schnall

Hands-off Tigers by Emily Schnall