Banner and post card artwork by Emily Poole


Three ART+SCI workshops

two for Visual Artists:

Saturday, Oct 19, 2019 from 1-6pm at Sprout Providence, 166 Valley St, Providence RI. Limited to 40.

Saturday, Nov 9, 2019 from 1-6pm at Sprout Warren, 489 Main St, Warren RI. Limited to 30.

one for Writers:

Saturday, Dec 7, 2019 from 1-4pm at Sprout Providence, 166 Valley St, Providence RI. Limited to 20.

Registration Fee per workshop: $30



Each artist workshop will be facilitated by Creature Conserve founder Dr. Lucy Spelman and co-taught by two artists - Samantha Dempsey and Emily Schnall on Oct 19, and Samantha Dempsey and Heather McMordie on Nov 9.

Our invited scientists are Charles Brown, state biologist for RI, Department of Environmental Management, on Oct 19 and James Turek, Restoration Ecologist, NOAA Fisheries Service on Nov 9.

Through a series of exercises, participants will practice making science more relevant, meaningful and interesting to a general audience by making it visual. The general topic will be human-wildlife conflict in urban areas. The animals covered, bees, bears, and bats for example, will depend on the presenting scientist. The focus is idea generation not artistic rendering.

The workshops will also encourage collaboration among Rhode Island area scientists, visual artists, and writers with a shared interest in living in balance with urban wildlife, including highly visible species like cardinals, coyotes, robins, squirrels, and Eastern cottontail rabbits, as well as rare and endangered ones like the burying beetle, New England cottontail, and terrapin. It will also allow participants to explore the role of both art and science in and landscape architecture, urban design and planning, and wildlife conservation.

The workshops are open to all visual artists of any skill level.

The only required supplies are sketching paper, looseleaf or a pad with pages that can be torn out (these will be pinned up during feedback sessions) and preferred clean sketch medium, i.e. pencil, pen, marker (please no paint or charcoal).


The writers workshop will be taught by writer Susan Tacent. The invited scientist is the founder of Creature Conserve, Dr. Lucy Spelman. The goal of the writers workshop is to bring the science of urban ecology to writers interested in creating new writing relevant to their community and the creatures living there.

The workshop will encourage and inspire participants to generate new material through in-class writing exercises informed by exploring interesting, important, recent, or unusual scientific discoveries about urban animals.

Open to all writers interested in all genres.

The only required supply is a writing notebook or tablet.


Workshop participants are invited to submit artwork for a juried exhibit, "Urban Wildlife in Rhode Island: Learning To Co+Exist" planned for the Gallery at Sprout CoWorking in Providence for the month of April 2020 in celebration of Earth Day. Please visit to enter your work for the exhibit. The submission deadline is Feb 1, 2020