To date, our travel scholars have been student artists and scientists enrolled in study abroad courses taught by Creature Conserve founder Dr. Lucy Spelman for the Rhode Island School of Design.

Examples include ART AND SCIENCE OF CONSERVATION in South Africa (summer 2018) and EXPLORING THE ART AND SCIENCE OF BIODIVERSITY in Guyana (winter 2019.) 

Each destination is known as a biological hotspot, and each study tour is designed to give travelers a unique and exclusive look at the challenges associated with studying, celebrating, and saving species.

The value of being in the field cannot be understated. Student artists and scientists learn together how conservation works - behind the scenes - from biologists, ecologists, park naturalists and managers, park rangers, public health experts, veterinarians, and wildlife guides. They gain practical experience with the scientific methods used to study and monitor endangered species; observe and critique conservation efforts at work; and, participate in saving species by creating works art that engage the public more fully and effectively.

In the future, we hope to offer similar travel experiences outside of academia to artists and scientists at all levels. PLEASE CHECK BACK IN FALL 2019 for 2020 OFFERINGS.

Architecture student and scholarship recipient Derek Russell created this drawing to highlight the diversity of animal life in South Africa and the many conservation challenges; he traveled there for a Rhode Island School of Design travel course taught by Creature Conserve founder Dr. Lucy Spelman.