The Creature Conserve Scholarship Fund was established to provide stipends for conservation-minded artists, designers, and writers who are exploring art/sci collaboration. We support four categories of scholarship: Community Engagement, Research, Study Abroad, and Visiting Artist.

Scholarship amounts vary from $150 to $3500 depending on the need. We accept applications on a rolling basis. We will respond within two weeks of your application.

Our goal is to support the creative process. We hope to also inspire new work that is both informed by science and emotionally charged. We believe such art will engage the public more fully and more effectively. The need for these collaborations is more necessary than ever for the well-being of all species.

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Please select one of the following scholarship categories. See below for more information and examples.
Please describe the opportunity you hope to pursue. Be as specific as possible and include the anticipated timing, location, name of the collaborator or host (conference, individual, or organization) and estimated expenses. Scholarship amounts vary from $150 to $3500.
Please provide either a link to 3-5 examples of your work online, such as a blog, portfolio, social media platform, or website, or email the images to If emailing, please include SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION in the subject line.


  • Community Engagement: We fund programs that bring artists, designers, scientists, and writers together to engage local communities in conservation.

    • Examples include public art combined with a lecture series, workshops that encourage art/sci collaboration, and other outreach activities such as after school programs or adult education.

  • Research Scholarships: We fund artist participation in scientific research related to biodiversity studies and wildlife conservation.

    • Examples include conference fees, art supplies, local travel either for independent study or to shadow a scientist in the field or in the lab, and, publication costs for printed materials designed to improve science literacy and science communication.

  • Study Abroad Scholarships: We fund conservation-minded artists, designers, scientists, and writers who are exploring art/sci collaboration abroad.

    • Examples include study abroad courses offered by high schools and colleges, as well as other opportunities open to students or professionals who seek to learn from the experts in the field of conservation. These experts may include scientists (biologists, ecologists, park naturalists, veterinarians, wildlife guides) as well as community leaders, local artists, lodge operators, and reserve managers.

  • Visiting Artist Scholarships: We fund visiting artist programs that encourage art/sci collaboration in support of biodiversity studies and wildlife conservation.

    • Examples include artist externships, internships, residencies, and independent study at a host institution.


Scholarship recipients agree to certain requirements, including:

  • Social media: Post content related to the scholarship activity at least once weekly on social media, e.g., a personal blog, FB, Instagram, Reddit, or other, and acknowledge/tag Creature Conserve for financial support. Such content can include documentation of the creative process.

  • Documentation: Document the creative process and provide images/notes/photos/sketches/videos, especially the beginning, middle, and end.

  • Testimonial: Provide a brief written testimonial about the value of the experience. Additional imagery or creative writing is welcome.

  • Sharing: Make any final artwork digitally available to Creature Conserve in a format that can be easily shared online or via social media


Bringing artists, designers, and scientists together in support of animal conservation is our core mission. We believe the process of working creatively together is just as important as the end result. Our scholars discover that art+science collaboration is challenging, exciting, eye-opening, informative, interesting, and surprising. 

In many cases, our Creature Conserve scholars are blazing new trails; they may be the first artist or designer to shadow a scientist or work as part of a scientific team, or the first scientist to travel with a group of artists learning about hot topics in conservation. Together, these rising artists and scientists are exploring new ways to make saving species more accessible, meaningful, and relevant.


If you are interested in HOSTING A SCHOLAR or finding an art/sci collaborator, please email We are building a registry of scientists active in conservation who are interested in collaborating with artists, designers, and writers.