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in 2018, our goal is to raise $40,000 to support our programs and exhibits.

Our budget for 2018 breaks down into $1500 Annual Operating Costs + $38,500 Program Costs 

$1,500 Annual Operating Costs: these include web support, printing materials, and mailings. We are all volunteer. There are no office or travel or other administrative costs. 

$38,500 Program Costs: please follow the links for more specifics.  Feel free to restrict your donation to a particular program by including a note when you donate.

1) $3500 to support 5-10 Internships during 2018-2019, $500 to $2500 each depending on the duration, for transportation and art supplies. For more see Artists Internships

2) $10,000 for One-health Research, $5000 each to support artist participation in One-health Research for Save the Giants - Otters and More, and for African Elephant conservation in Kenya. For more please see One-health Research

3) $20,000 to help offset the cost of travel for artists and scientists during our 2018 travel courses. For more please see Travel Courses.

4) $5000 to support the cost of exhibiting Creature Conserve collaborating artist works, including preparing and shipping our current exhibition on the WILDLIFE TRADE ART + SCIENCE as well as our new exhibit URBAN WILDLIFE LEARNING TO CO-EXIST. For more please see Exhibitions

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Other ways to donate

Mail a check made out to Creature Conserve to: Creature Conserve, Inc. P.O. Box 3172, Newport, RI 02840

Participate in our exhibit Urban Wildlife: Learning to Co-Exist, $10 Entry fee per submission. 

Pay $10 Entry fee for urban wildlife: learning to co-exist

Support our One-health Research project "SAVE THE GIANTS" by donating directly to the project via Otter Survey at Go Fund Me or donating to Creature Conserve below

Donate to Save the Giants

Ndakasi, orphaned baby mountain gorilla.