We take a holistic, one-health approach to saving species and believe future success hinges on community-based, collaborative conservation. Toward this end, we support field studies that bring artists and scientists together to research and respond to the health threats facing endangered species and their habitats.

GIANT OTTER CONSERVATION research in Guyana, South America

This project brings artists and scientists together to conserve giant otters in Guyana, a remote part of South America where they lack formal protection.

At present, the critical question is how many otters live in Guyana and how far do they range. While various teams have done rapid surveys, there have been few in depth studies, one at an ecolodge destination known as Karanambu in the North Rupununi. This study however was was conducted over a decade ago and before the advancement of high speed digital cameras, facial recognition software, and camera traps. This project 1) supports important scientific research into wild otter populations using the latest technology; 2) gives artists the opportunity to participate in field research, an experience that will inform their future work; and, 3) revolves around participation and support from local communities, including Amerindians, living in or near the natural habitat of this fascinating and increasingly rare animals.

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Orphaned giant otter cub at Karanambu, Tsunami.

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Enjoy this video of giant otters grooming, filmed by Leon Moore.


Below are some of Dr. Lucy's photos from a prior giant otter census in Guyana.



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