• ArtProv Gallery (map)
  • 150 Chestnut St
  • Providence, RI 02803
  • USA
Lucy TEDx CRoonan Artwork.jpg

As part of ArtProv Gallery/Creature Conserve's Urban Wildlife: Learning to Co-Exist exhibit, wildlife biologist and conservationist Dr. Lucy Spelman will present "Art Can Save a Panda, Part 2." This lecture picks up where her 2015 Providence TEDx talk left off. 

Using examples of work produced by artists working in collaboration with scientists, Lucy shows that conservation is much more than a science. It is something we all do. She makes the case that art informed by science can motivate us to take action; to find new ways live in balance with the rest of the animal kingdom. By reconnecting the arts and sciences, the problems facing the earth's creatures today – as well as the solutions – become more accessible, meaningful, and relevant.

Lucy’s books, the “National Geographic Animal Encyclopedia” and “The Rhino with Glue-on Shoes” will also be on sale during the event. All proceeds go to Creature Conserve.