• Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary (map)
  • 690 Linden Street
  • Boylston, MA, 01505
  • United States

Creature Conserve: Art, Science, and Saving Species Bringing artists and scientists together to foster sustained and informed support for animal conservation

The world of animals as we know it is disappearing. Science tells us the animal kingdom cannot survive our massive presence on earth—unless we intervene. It also predicts a ripple effect on human health and society: we rely on animals for food, trade, shelter, sport, companionship, medicine, and spirituality. Art deepens our understanding of this interdependency; it helps us explore how we feel about animals and our relationships with them. Yet our response to the problem of species loss has fallen short. Scientific data and artistic expression, presented separately, have not had their intended impact. One solution is to combine these age-old practices. Together, art and science reach a wider audience. Science provides the road map; art motivates people to follow it. In this presentation, Dr. Spelman shares examples of artwork made by her RISD students and describes projects currently supported by Creature Conserve, including a traveling exhibition on the global wildlife trade. She shows us that artists have always been interpreters of our time. Through their eyes, the science of saving species and the importance of taking a one-health approach to conservation becomes accessible, meaningful, and relevant— and, the source of positive change.

Free event, but registration is required. Email info@SummerStarWildlife.org  Space is limited.