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Global Vision International,  STA Travel, and Creature Conserve invite you to spend an evening of art and conservation with Dr. Lucy Spelman. 

Using examples, including work by her students at the Rhode Island School of Design, Dr. Spelman demonstrates that it is possible to reconnect the arts and sciences to make the problems facing the animal kingdom, as well as the solutions, more accessible, meaningful and relevant.

"We live together in an increasingly urban world, disconnected from nature, unaware that wild animals are rapidly going extinct and that our health depends on their health. Science can provide a roadmap for solving these problems but need the motivation to follow it.

Art can help us understand this interdependency and explore how we feel about animals and our relationships with them. Together, art and science can reach a wider audience with a more inclusive message."

-Dr. Lucy Spelman

Join us to find out more about art+science opportunities for students and young professionals. Our programs include exhibits, internships, travel courses, and field research. All bring artists and scientists together to foster informed and sustained support for animal conservation.

Artwork above: Bee Ecosystem Services by Codi Fant