Rae Whiteley

Rae Whiteley is an illustrator, printmaker, and a scientific communicator with a focus on natural biology.

Their mission is to use art and visual language to make science more accessible, and communicate the realities of the natural world. They are passionate about conservation and animal wellbeing and work to educate the importance of these topics.

They've worked with such institutions as Mystic Aquarium and Creature Conserve, learning about everything from animal cognition to local and global conservation efforts.

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Luci jockel

Luci Jockel is from Indiana, Pennsylvania and currently the Fine Metals Fellow at Peters Valley School of Craft. She holds a MFA at Rhode Island School of Design in Jewelry and Metalsmithing (2016) and a BFA from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (2014). Her work has been shown at various venues, including Galerie Marzee's Marzee International Graduate Show 2016 where she received the Marzee International Graduate Prize, East Carolina University's Metal Symposium (2016) and Society of North American Goldsmiths' Juried Student Exhibition (2015). Her work has been featured in American Craft Magazine,Klimt02's Selected Graduate 2016, Beautiful Bizarre, and more. Her work explores the lost relationship between human and nonhuman through wearable art by connecting animal bones, insect specimen, and dried flora to the body with metal.


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Talia Connelly

12,000 years after the first woven cloth was created, RISD student Talia Connelly was hunched over the top of a wooden loom threading her first cotton warp. Having caught the "fiber arts" bug in high school after witnessing an indigo dye demonstration by her chemistry teacher, Talia has spent the past three years delving into the creative capabilities of woven and knit structures. Seeking to understand the textile industry's complex relationship to the environment, Talia can be found waxing lyrical about Lucy Siegle's fashion manifesto to unsuspecting strangers who cross her path. Aside from art, other interests include watching Netflix documentaries and volunteering at a mentorship program for adopted Chinese youth.



Emily Schnall

Emily Schnall is an illustrator and sculptor interested in the natural sciences and the promotion of scientific literacy and curiosity.

Her work explores issues of the human-nature relationship, accessing the multiplicity of ways it takes form throughout human culture and psychology. The deep time lens of evolutionary biology is essential to her perspective and informs a distinct, layered artistic voice.

As an artist involved in the sciences, Emily has worked with Creature Conserve, The Academy of Natural Sciences, Walters & Kissinger: The Complete Dinosaur Art Studio, Blue Rhino Studio, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, and the World Wildlife Fund.

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Sarah Sun

Sarah is a filmmaker from Canada. She loves creating designs that engage people and spark their curiosity. In the past she has worked mainly as a director and designer at production companies and animation studios in North America and China. Her graduation film, Swarm, has been selected to screen at many festivals including the 70th Canne Film Festival and the 23rd Environment Film Festival. 

Sarah also has a passion for music composition and has earned her Associate of Royal Conservatory of Music Diploma in Piano Performance. She graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a concentration in film and animation. Right now, she is pursuing her Master in Education at Harvard University.



Chloé Bulpin

Chloé Bulpin is a Brooklyn-based illustrator and surface designer who creates vibrant, illustrative prints and textiles.

An activist for environmental protection, her work explores the flora, fauna and relationships of the natural world. She enjoys researching and studying the natural world, sharing her observations through her art. She has created work for institutions such as the World Wildlife Fund, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Farm Sanctuary and Creature Conserve. 

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Lee Fearnside

Lee Fearnside is a photographer whose work examines socio-cultural issues, most recently about the politics of food production. She is also Associate Professor of Art and Director of the Diane Kidd Gallery at Tiffin University in Ohio. 



Angela Hseih


Angela is an illustrator and animator who loves science, animated gifs, and goofy animals. She has a background in biology and history of science, and she hopes to use her art to foster curiosity and understanding of the natural world. 

She has worked as a wildlife rehabilitator Woodlands Wildlife Refuge and as a veterinary technician intern at the Lehigh Valley Zoo. Her life experiences include fireman-carrying a (sedated) bear cub and catching a (cantakerous) wallaby.*

*She also wishes to include a disclaimer that this all occurred while working in zoos and wildlife centers so as not to encourage this kind of behavior in the wild.

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Lee Pivnik

Lee Pivnik (b. 1995) is an interdisciplinary artist and curator from Miami, Florida. He lives and works in Miami and Providence RI. He is currently obtaining a BFA in sculpture at the Rhode Island School of Design with a concentration in Nature–Culture–Sustainability Studies. He is a YoungArts Alumni and a Maharam Fellow.

Born and raised in Miami, Pivnik’s work is heavily influenced by the biodiversity present in the tropics. He uses his studio practice to understand and work through global environmental collapse. He rejects bleak forecasts with a humorous, colorful and queer aesthetic that manifests itself mainly through sculpture, photography and video. This summer, he is working in Oracle, Arizona with Biosphere 2 to design an artist residency program. He additionally runs The Institute of Queer Ecology (IQECO), an exhibition platform that seeks to achieve queer and environmental justice through public engagement and education. Most recently, he has been a guest editor for ECOCORE, “the last ecology magazine.”

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Samrath Kaur

Samrath Kaur is an illustrator, animator, scientific communicator, and dedicated Pomeranian fan. 

Fond of travelling, he always keeps a sketchbook handy to record observations on the move. He draws heavily from the natural world to synthesize fictional creations, characters and stories inspired by the life around him and the research involved in understanding that life. By incorporating scientific subjects into narrative work, he wishes to boost others' interest in those subjects. 

In the summer of 2017, he will be working with Mystic Aquarium on a series of illustrations that document and promote the institution's animal rescue program. With wide-eyed curiosity, he hopes to continue collaborating with scientists and conservationists in an effort to make their work more accessible to the world.

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Natalie Darmohraj


Natalie Darmohraj has a BFA in Textile Design from Rhode Island School of Design. She has focused most of her work the past few years on knitwear and handknit fabrics. 
Natalie is passionate about animal rescue and wildlife conservation and hopes that her work can bring awareness to conservation efforts.


Paul olsen

Paul Olson is an illustrator and painter who now spends much of his time as a potter and ceramics artist. He makes one of a kind bowls but primarily creates pottery for bonsai and specimen plants, hoping to instill a sense of wonder for the precious natural world around us.

As well as being a Grandpah and all around handyman, Paul is an Illustrator and Painter, and currently a Senior Critic in the Illustration Department at Rhode Island School of Design and Visiting Lecturer in the Illustration Department at Massachusetts College of Art.

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kyle simmers

Kyle Simmers is an artist born and raised in a special kind of Nowhere.

Their approach is guided through philosophical and scientific investigation into the phenomenon of human impact. The values and beliefs that underpin human activity and the consequences for ourselves and our cohabitants on this planet. Their work uses interactions of digital and traditional media in a search for harmony between the history of art making and expanding dematerialization of human experience.

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Nicholas Jainschigg

Nicholas Jainschigg was born and raised in New York City, and graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1983. Working as a freelance illustrator and designer he has painted over 150 book, magazine and comic book covers and countless interior illustrations. Clients include Ballantine, Houghton Mifflin, St. Martin's/Tor, Marvel, DC Comics, Warner Brothers/Paramount, and NPR. His work has been included more than a dozen times in the Spectrum Annual "Years Best" collections. As a painter, his work has been featured in articles in Domino, Better Homes and Gardens and The New York Times. A digital and paleontological artist since the late 90's, his work appears in the Pequot Museum and Dinosaur State Park dioramas and his animations have appeared on The Discovery Channel and National Geographic specials. Currently, one of his reconstructions is on view in separate exhibitions at the Polish Academy of Sciences, Krakow, and the Maastricht Natural History Museum, Netherlands.