Please join us, and share the invitation!  The artwork will also be featured in one of our galleries once the show opens.

The need for a new, more collaborative and creative approach to saving animal species is urgent. We live in an increasingly urban world, disconnected from nature, unaware that wild animals are rapidly going extinct and that our health depends on their health. Together art and science reach a wider audience with a more inclusive message. Science provides the road map for conservation; art motivates people to follow it.

"Wildlife: Trading and Conservation" co-sponsored by Creature Conserve, the Rhode Island School of Design, and the International Fund for Animal Welfare features work by 32 visual artists studying the impact of global trade on endangered species. During the creative process, the artists interviewed a variety of animal experts, including biologists, ecologists, veterinarians, park rangers, zookeepers, sanctuary managers, and policy-makers. The result is a selection of highly personal artwork that is both informed by the facts and emotionally charged. The goal of this exhibition is to consider the role of global wildlife trade in driving dozens of species to extinction, while harming human lives and livelihoods; and to empower the viewing public to take part in conservation.