artist-in-the-field programs WITH CREATURE CONSERVE

Our goal is to tailor these programs to each artist's interest and ability, as well as to the needs and interests of the collaborating scientist and host institution. Potential host institutions include research labs, conservation organizations, and educational institutions. In most cases, our Artist-in-the-Field programs are structured like an artist-in-residence program, but are shorter term. They typically involve an intense period of exposure to animal experts whose work is based on scientific information, such as animal health, nutrition, reproduction, behavior, and conservation, followed by time in the studio.  

Summer 2017

This summer, we have several programs ongoing. If you are interested in donating to the artist transportation or materials cost, please make a donation and let us know which program interests you. Our goal is to raise at least $500 for each artist.

1) Mystic Aquarium RISD Summer Intern program. Recent RISD graduate Samrath Kaur ( will be working with the staff at the Mystic Aquarium. More details coming soon. For last year's program, please see Rae Whiteley's work below and the aquarium President's Blog about it at this link

2) Foster Parrots Visiting Artist program. RISD student Alex Suarez will be working with the staff of Foster Parrots. More details coming soon. Dr. Spelman recently joined the board of this amazing organization with the goal of setting up a Creature Conserve collaboration; for more see their website Foster Parrots, Ltd

(Past programs) Summer 2016

During summer 2016, Creature Conserve sponsored our first visiting artist programs. The focus of each was to use visual art to reach a broader audience with a conservation message. The artists were: Derek Miranda, Emily Schnall, and Rae Whiteley.

Emily Schnall worked as a summer intern for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, IFAW, last summer.  Her work focused on the problem of "tiger selfies."


Rae Whiteley spent the summer as an intern at the Mystic Aquarium for course credit exploring the many connections between keepers/ trainers and the animals in their care. The result was an exhibition of her work on public display at the museum, and some media coverage. Click here for the story: 

Derek Miranda also worked as a summer intern for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, or IFAW. His work focused on the problem of shark finning and its impact on all whale species, especially the whale shark.